Torpedo Logistic Company is a service firm specialized in shipping and port agencies services. The firm is based in Jordan with office in Amman and Aqaba port.Torpedo began its operations early 2016 stating the rise of a new star. TodayTorpedo is one of the leading companies in Jordan providing Clearance & Transportation and other services around the world.

Torpedo Logistic aims to establish and maintain a proactive network of operations, housing our clients’ needs and wants under a luxurious, yet affordable umbrella, through providing high quality, useful, reliable, cost saving Service; information; and advice on time.

At Torpedo, policies on Quality set not to just Meet & Satisfy customer’s need, but rather to exceed them at all times. When it comes to shipping agencies we are always aiming to be the best.

Since port agency is a key factor of our business, we are always on the run to build and maintain perfect relationships with Port, Immigrations, Customs and Other concerned Authorities; which in turns enable us to keep a continuous path in improving and developing the agency services we provide. Thus, we can always offer guaranteed superior services to our clients (i.e. Ship Owners/Vessel Masters, Charterers, & Receivers) at a relatively compromised cost.